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Frequently Asked Questions(F.A.Q.):

Do you sweep on rainy nights?
We always sweep regardless of weather, unless advised differently by local weather media.
What happens when machinery breaks down?
We always have a backup sweeper in case of emergencies.
Do you pick and blow sidewalks?
We do more than just sweep. We actually get off the sweeper and pick grass islands and blow sidewalks.
How does your billing cycle work?
We invoice on the 1st of every month allowing net 30.
Are you negotiable?
Yes we are depending on the circumstances.
Do you require contracts?
No. However we prefer contracts. Many of our clients are on good faith agreements, with 30 day termination by either party if so desired.
Do you sweep during holidays?
Yes we do, if your establishment is open for business, we sweep.
Do you give discounts for package deals?
Yes we do, if you select more than one service or have multiple properties.