Parking Lot Sweeping

We are the leading Street Sweeping company in Austin Tx. All of the services we provide are monitored to assure peak performance. Our experienced management team maintains a thorough follow-up procedure designed to maximize employee training and assure consistent, industry-leading results with every sweep.

Our training includes the important concept that we are ‘the eyes and ears’ of our property managers.
When emerging needs or unusual situations are spotted, we provide next-day email or telephone customer contact. In the rare instances when needed, our employees are trained to summon emergency personnel.

Our standard procedures include cleaning of all:

  • corners and cart corrals,
  • parking areas near and far from the building,
  • curbs and wheel blocks,
  • building edges and sidewalk cracks,
  • natural and landscape areas,
  • egress drives, and
  • rear service areas.

Our sweepers are the quietest models available in the marketplace. To be done right, the majority of sweeping must be done at night. Our employees know how important it is to be as quiet as possible when doing their jobs. To facilitate this, we purchase the quietest air sweepers designed for parking area sweeping.